Bitcoin and Digital Currencies in the Financial Markets

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  • Level: Introductory
  • Group-Live
  • 14 CPE Credits
  • 3 DCC CE Credits
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cOURSE objectives

The world of digital currencies continues its evolution, as financial market participants and regulators work to understand the implications and opportunities of this fascinating new “currency” and technology. This in depth, two-day course will examine the concepts and essential aspects of bitcoin and other digital currencies, the power of blockchain technology to fundamentally alter financial markets, and the challenges ahead as this new capability unfolds. A wide variety of features, benefits and challenges will be discussed from the vantage points of banks, asset managers, institutional investors, traders and regulators. 

  • Hours:  9:00 am-5:00 pm (registration/breakfast starts at 8:30 am)
  • Advance preparation: None


Topic 1 – Introduction to Bitcoin and Digital Currencies

     --What is bitcoin?
     --The Satoshi whitepaper.
     --Origins and function of the Blockchain.
     --Importance of the blockchain and additional use cases.
     --“Mining”; understanding how bitcoin is created.
     --Evolution of bitcoin usage.
     --Critics; feedback and concerns.
     --Developments over bitcoin’s history.
     --Commercial acceptance and future growth.
     --Venture capital money and trends.
     --Brief overview of federal, state and international regulations.
     --Commentary on other digital currencies.
     --Projections about wider adoption throughout the global economy.

Topic 2 – Bitcoin and the Financial Markets

     --Bitcoin as a “currency”.
     --Bitcoin “Exchanges”; stability, liquidity and other challenges.
     --Price behavior, volatility and correlations.
     --Is there a place for digital currencies in investment portfolios?
     --Who should “invest” in bitcoin?
     --How to invest or trade in bitcoin.
     --Bitcoin derivatives, options and swap; form, function and venues.
     --Concept of collateral and settlement in the bitcoin world.
     --“Asset backed” coins; definitions, opportunities and challenges.
     --Criticisms reviewed and analyzed.
     --Future outlook for bitcoin and digital currencies in the world of financial markets.

Topic 3 – The Regulatory Landscape for Digital Currencies

     --Regulatory history of bitcoin.
     --Legal challenges and notable court cases since inception.
     --Current state of oversight; federal, state and international.
     --AML/KYC – requirements and challenges.
     --Compliance requirements based on type of commercial entity.
     --Deep dive into NYS Department of Financial Services “BitLicense” requirements; impact on growth of industry.



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