Fixed Income Securities and Markets

Insider's Guide to Fixed Income Securities & Markets

By Doug Carroll

ISBN 978-0-4914-0-1

704 pages, hardcover, published in 2017

Price: US$95.00

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About the book

Insider's Guide to Fixed Income Securities and Markets is designed to provide readers with a comprehensive, yet reasonably concise, resource that investigates all major types of fixed income securities and the markets in which they are traded. Though written with the intention that the entirety of the text should be accessible to students or professionals from other industries with no previous financial background, the subject matter is approached from the perspective of professionals working in a fixed income trading or asset management environment. Which is not to imply the book is a “How to” manual for any particular fixed income-related professional activity. Rather, it is a compendium of a large amount of information, the command over some portion of which should likely be part of the core competency of most professionals employed in the fixed income or related businesses.

However, the book is hopefully much more than just a repository of information. As much as possible, the information is related as a story, how the bond business works today as described by someone surveying the business from the inside. At the level of the book as a whole, the story progresses from an overview of markets and instruments to an introduction to the common features shared by most fixed income instruments before finally investigating all major fixed income market segments individually in detail.

--From the Author's Preface

“This book provides the sufficient and necessary knowledge to ride this long-term trend of financial innovation in the fixed markets. It builds a clear framework for readers to understand the basic concepts and contemporaneous practices in these markets, and the clear analysis of the evolving world of fixed income provided here builds a strong foundation for readers to prepare for future challenges in new products and the new microstructure of trading. In this sense, the book is not only a useful handbook for job training but also a valuable reference for practicing professionals and investors.”

An Yan, Ph.D. 
Professor of Finance and Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development
Gabelli School of Business
Fordham University

About the Author

Doug Carroll

Doug has spent his entire professional career in or around the financial markets. Wide-ranging firsthand experience was gained over the first two decades following his MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago as he moved a number of times between the training and trading sides of the investment business. Work stints in various sales, trading and research positions informed the presentations given as he rotated through a number of training positions. Doug’s training experiences included large amounts of classroom delivery and training materials development and managing teams engaged in those activities for a number of independent professional training companies or financial institutions’ internal training departments. Since 1998, he has run his own financial training and consulting business, focusing on the design and delivery of investment-related training solutions delivered via a variety of media. Doug has been delivering investment-related classroom training sessions across the U.S. and in major financial centers around the world for 3+ decades on a range of financial topics with a special focus on fixed income and derivatives.